• Michał Kotański
    Michał Kotański


    Michał Kotański, director, born in 1976, he became director of the Kielce theatre on 16 November 2015. One of his first artistic decisions was to resume the play “In the Solitude of Cotton Fields” ...

  • 1992-2015

    The theatre was run by Piotr Szczerski, who came from Kraków’s student Theatre 38. When he began his work in the Żeromski Theatre, the annual revenues were equal to 300 sold tickets; the auditorium of the big stage has 317 seats.

    Piotr Szczerski
    Piotr Szczerski
  • Rewizor, Mikołaj Gogol, dir. Bogdan Augustyniak (1986)
    Rewizor, Mikołaj Gogol, dir. Bogdan Augustyniak (1986)


    The director is Bogdan Augustyniak, and critics have called this period “silver”, although it was a time of "tightening screws" by a totalitarian regime

  • 1952-1958

    The years 1952-1958 are considered to be the golden age of the Kielce theatre, when it was run by Irena and Tadeusz Byrskis. The theatre was then the most important regional centre in the country. Here, successful plays were created like: ...

    Irena and Tadeusz Byrscy
    Irena and Tadeusz Byrscy
  • From Muzeum Historii Kielc archives
    From Muzeum Historii Kielc archives


    During the war, the theatre hall was destroyed, but its reconstruction was quickly started and already on 3 April (or 5th - according to various sources), the premiere of Aleksander Fredro's comedy "Ladies and Husars” (Damy i huzary) took place.

  • 1914-1945

    The year 1914 was the abolition of censorship and new, difficult challenges for the theatre in times of war.

  • Postcard, 1893
    Postcard, 1893

    1877, start

    It began with a romance... The year is 1877; and industrialist, the owner of breweries and philanthropist Ludwik Stumpf falls in love with and actress of Warsaw theatres. To have his beloved near him, he built her a theatre.